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Originally located on the West pier of the Portage River entrance between 1874 and 1952, this two-story structure was relocated to B-pier on what was then D.B. Jeremy's & Sons Marina, who were contracted to perform the removal. 

In the fall of 2011 Brands' Marina made the decision to donate the lighthouse to the city of Port Clinton. While we're sorry to see it go, we feel it will be of greater benefit to the city if a project was undertaken to fully restore the lighthouse and place it in a more publicly accessible location.

The top portion of the lighthouse was removed late in 2011 and taken to the woodworking shop of a local craftsman who, in conjunction with city efforts, will work towards restoring the lighthouse to its original majesty.

The base of the lighthouse currently sits at the entrance of Brands' Drydock, 315 W. Lakeshore Dr., where work on it can be viewed by the general public.

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